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School Council

Welcome, Parents!
My name is Shannon Whitlow and along with Jennifer Schadek we are the co-chairs for the St. Teresa School Advisory Council (SAC) Committee.
What is the SAC Committee?
We are volunteer parents who represent the interests of both the parents and students of our school. We have several roles within the school, a primary one being to act as a liaison between the parents and our school ad-ministration. As our name suggests, we “advise” or provide the school with the parents’ perspective on initiatives or issues within our school. Our primary forum for this communication is through our Council meetings which are held five times each year.
Another important function is to raise money to help ease the financial burden for both parents and our school. A significant portion of our funds is directed to school field-
trip costs, school events as well as equipment and technology.
Can anyone get involved?
Of course! We would be nowhere without parent volunteers. Volunteering could be as simple as serving pancakes at Santa’s Breakfast or as rewarding as coordinating a fundraising effort the choice is entirely yours.​
Perhaps the easiest way to get involved and learn how our school works is to be a room repre-sentative. Room reps attend SAC meetings (5 per year) and provide input to school administration on initiatives, as well as determine how we spend the money we raise. Outside of meetings, room reps are called to count money for such things as Special Lunches, fundraising, etc. (usually one or two mornings a month) as well as distribute Special Lunches (one morning a month). CLASSROOMS MAY HAVE MORE THAN ONE ROOM REP. 
In fact, we encourage this so that duties may be shared between working parents, who may only be able to attend evening meetings, and stay-at-home parents who may have more flexibility during the day. Again, the choice is always yours.
What’s happening at our meet-ings this year?
Guest speakers! This year, we plan on hosting a guest speaker at several of our meetings on topics of interest to parents.
Babysitting! At no charge! Junior high and high school volunteers will be around to watch over and interact with your children in the library while you attend our meetings.
Check us out!
Shannon Whitlow
Jennifer Schadek
Co-chairs, St. Teresa SAC