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School Advisory Council

School Council

Our School Advisory Council (SAC) is made up of volunteer parents who represent the interests of both the parents and students St Teresa. Our primary roles within the school include; liaising between parents and school administration, advising the school on parents’ perspective on initiatives or issues within our school and raising money to help provide programs, activities, and resources that contribute to our fantastic school.

Our next School Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 22 at 6:30 PM. We appreciate your commitment to our school community and to your children’s education!  All parents/guardians are welcome to join us at School Council meetings.


Co-Chair: Leslie Hierath

Co-Chair: Vanessa Moorgen

Treasurer: Karen Wolanski

Secretary: Amanda Thomson

School Council Purpose HOs.pdf

September Agenda 2019-2020

September 2019 Council Meeting minutes

September 2019 Society Meeting Minutes

October Society Agenda 2019

2019-Nov COUNCIL AGM Minutes

2019-Nov SOCIETY AGM Agenda Minutes

2020-JAN COUNCIL Agenda 

2020 - JAN SOCIETY Agenda 

Final - Fundraising Society Bylaws Nov 2019 2020


2020-May COUNCIL Agenda