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School Information

‘A Community of Kindness.” At Anne Fitzgerald School we teach towards success in a Christian, nurturing environment that enables students and staff to continually develop the skills and the talents that are necessary for lifelong learning in a dynamic world.

Mission Statement

Anne Fitzgerald School we grow together in a positive, nurturing environment so all can develop as holistic individuals in a Christ-centered learning environment.


 We serve the East Clareview community south of 137th Avenue and east of Victoria Trail.

Key Features

  • 100 Voices Early Learning Programs
  • K-6 school with strong school, parent and parish relationships
  • Strong technology/multimedia focus 


​Our Namesake

Anne Fitzgerald came to Edmonton in 1902. Her education started in the Public School System, but soon transferred into the Separate Schools as soon as facilities became available. She began her teacher training in Calgary but also took summer courses at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Her teaching career began in 1915 and ended with her retirement in 1962. She taught at St. Anthony's, Mount Carmel, Grandin and St. Mary's. In the 1950's she moved to St. Basil to help train non-academic students for employment.

Anne Fitzgerald was deeply involved in her community. She helped the sick, taught adult classes to new Canadians and did valuable work for the Catholic Women's League.

As a teacher, she was highly respected by everyone. Ms. Fitzgerald worked hard to establish the Junior High concept in Edmonton and to develop subject courses. In the classroom she showed all the qualities of a dedicated teacher. She showed patience, kindness and an unusual gift that enabled students to learn and succeed.

She lived a happy and fulfilling life until her death in September 1970. The community of Anne Fitzgerald School strives to live by the standard she set. We teach towards success in a Catholic, nurturing environment that enables students and staff to continually develop the skills and talents that are necessary for life-long learning


Anne Fitzgerald School Plan for Continuous Growth 2016-2019.pdf