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School Supplies

2018 - 2019 School Supplies

For your convenience, we have partnered with STAPLES' School Tools program.  The program allows you to buy your child's school supplies online, at a reduced price. Once you have purchased the supplies, they are packaged and sent directly to the school where they will be distributed to students on the first day of school. This is an optional program and you can always choose to do your shopping anywhere you'd like!

School Tools Program:

Click the link below to purchase supplies through STAPLES' School Tools program:

  1. Select "Place your order here".
  2. Complete the pull-down menus.
  3. Select a "Kit option".
  4. View order.
  5. Confirm selection.

Doing the shopping yourself:

Select the supplies for your child's grade level and download the list.

Grade 1Grade 1
Grade 2Grade 2
Grade 3Grade 3
Grade 4Grade 4
Grade 5Grade 5
Grade 6Grade 6

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