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School Trafiic

**Please note that the street zone in front of St. Timothy school is now a Playground Zone with a speed limit of 30 KM from 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM. Slow down and keep our children safe**

                                   Quick School Traffic Safety Information

From the desk of Const. Andre Paul 

Parents are reminded to please keep the safety of all our children in mind when driving in school areas. 

  1. U-turns are only permitted on private property, at dead-end roadways, and where permitted by signs. U-turns must be conducted safely.
  2. Even when occupied, vehicles can only be parked in designated locations regardless of whether parked on school property or public streets.
  3. Vehicles parked in front of fire hydrants, in crosswalks, no parking zones, park restricted zones, or handicapped zones can be given violation tickets and towed. Vehicle owners are responsible for all costs related to towing. Fines range from $57 (park within 5 m of crosswalk/fire hydrant or corner of roadway intersection or park within 1.5 m of driveway), $150 (park in emergency zone), to $250 (park in handicapped/disabled parking) and tow fees including storage can quickly exceed hundreds of dollars.
  4. Stopping to drop off or pick up a passenger in a marked crosswalk is illegal and drivers could face violation fines in excess of $575 (crosswalk violation when pedestrian present).
  5. It is illegal to stop in the middle of the road to pick up or drop off a passenger. Drivers could be fined between $115 (obstructing traffic flow) and $402 (stunting).
  6. While AMA crossing guards are not given specialized authority under the Traffic Safety Act, failing to abide by their direction could lead to a fine of $402 for careless driving.
  7. Blocking an intersection or crosswalk while attempting to enter a public or private roadway entrance or driveway can lead to charges ranging from $115 (obstructing traffic flow), $287 (fail to stop at crosswalk stop line near intersection), to $575 (pedestrian crosswalk violation).
  8. Failing to yield for a pedestrian in a marked/unmarked crosswalk can lead to fines of $402 (careless driving), $575 (crosswalk violation), and in special circumstances result in fines for both violations being issued.
  9. Failing to stop for a pedestrian in an unmarked crosswalk (corner to corner or mid-block, where indicated by a sloped mobility curb, to corner) will also lead to identical fines as indicated in Question 8.
  10.  The city of Edmonton anti-idling bylaw indicates: A person shall not cause, permit or allow a motor vehicle to idle for more than five minutes total in any 30 minute period in any area identified as a no idling zone. Exceptions: "All motor vehicles when the outdoor temperature is less than zero degrees Celsius and only to allow safe vehicle operation and maintain clear windows… not to exceed three consecutive minutes, due to emergency, traffic conditions, or weather conditions." Fines start at $250 and double ($500) on consecutive convictions.
  11. Parent volunteers and school employees have authority to act as "agents of the property owner" and as such are granted authority under numerous regulations including: Trespass to Premise Act, Petty Trespass Act, and City of Edmonton bylaws (5590 specifically as related to parking and loading/unloading vehicles). Fines can range from $57 to $250 and in some more extreme cases parents can be banned from School property and peace bonds can be sought to restrict a parents ability to access the property.
  12. City of Edmonton bylaw #6894 sets the speed limit at 30 km/h and also sets the times as "8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on any day that school is held." 

13. Although children under the age of 12 generally cannot be charged with a traffic offence, parents of children who are observed to be encouraging or ordering their children to jaywalk can be issued tickets for fines of $402 (pedestrian stunting). 

                                  PLEASE HELP KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE!