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School Information

Our mission as a school community is to model love, acceptance and guidance so that we may provide opportunities for children to develop their unique gifts in order to reach their full potential.  At St. Elizabeth we work as a team to create an environment of peace so all students can feel safe as they learn.


St. Elizabeth Elementary School is located in the northwest section of Mill Woods. It serves children mainly from the Lee Ridge, Lakewood, and Richfield neighborhoods. The school is situated on Mill Woods Road just south of the Millbourne Mall with easy access to Whitemud Freeway and Mill Woods Town Center Mall.

 Key Features
  • Comprehensive English program from Kindergarten to grade 6
  • Close ties with St. Theresa Parish
  • Positive, caring learning environment
  • Strong inclusive educational setting with a focus on early intervention
  • Literacy support in every grade
  • Monthly assemblies to recognize positive behaviour and attitude
  • A diverse community rich in cultural backgrounds
  • Breakfast/lunch program for children in need
 School Growth Plan 2019-22

School Plan for Continuous Growth 2019-2022 St.Elizabeth.pdf

  • SMART Board in every classroom
  • Computer lab
  • Video broadcast system
  • Private Before and After School program available in school
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program
  • Active Parent Advisory Council

    St. Elizabeth

     St. Elizabeth of Hungary was born over 800 years ago. Her mother and father were the King and Queen of Hungary.“Blessed by God.”  Elizabeth helped her parents and shared with her friends.

     When she was fourteen years old, she married a prince named Louis.  They became the King and Queen and had three children.  The people of Hungary were very important to Elizabeth.  Every day she visited the poor and brought them food and clothes.  She brought sick people to her palace and care for them.

    Six years after they were married a sad thing happened.  Louis died in a war far away from home.  Louis’s brother became the new king.  Some people in the palace were jealous of Elizabeth.  She and her children had to leave in the middle of winter.
    Elizabeth decided to keep on helping the poor.  She built a hospital to care for the poor, the sick and the people no one else wanted to help.  Elizabeth died when she was only 24 years old.  Because she cared for other people her whole life, the Catholic Church made her a saint.

     We celebrate the life of St. Elizabeth of Hungary on November 17th.