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Multi-Disciplinary Team

Multi Disciplinary Team

RCSD Speech and Language Services

As part of your school’s multidisciplinary School-Linked Team, the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) works with teachers, parents and students to build success in the classroom and help children communicate in everyday settings. SLPs work with teachers and the education team to adapt classroom activities for students with communication difficulties, assist teachers in integrating language-based strategies into curricular lessons in order to facilitate student success, and share information, strategies and resources. SLPs also partner with families to help children communicate successfully.

Areas that SLPs support include language, emergent literacy, social communication, voice and resonance, stuttering, and speech sounds.

Speech and Language Pathologist

Speech-Language Pathologists provide speech and language services to children in the classroom along with other members of the multi-disciplinary team. They work closely with teachers, the Occupational Therapist, Behavioural Specialist, Psychologist, Physical Therapist, Family Liaison Worker, Consultant and assistants.

All of the programs are welcoming to children and speech language strategies are incorporated into the child's program.

Emotional Behavioral Specialist

The Emotional Behavioural Specialist is part of the Multi-Disciplinary Team offering additional support to students and schools at Edmonton Catholic Schools. The EBS works closely with the classroom and administrative teams to support students with emotional and behavioural challenges. The EBS can provide whole class or small group strategies for classroom teachers to facilitate emotional and social learning. In addition, the EBS can create individualized Behaviour Support Plans for students to build skills or provide strategies to reduce the occurrence of challenging behaviour in the classroom.

Therapeutic Assistant in Behavioral Therapy

Therapeutic Assistant in Behavioral Therapy (TABT) works under the Emotional Behavioral Specialist (EBS) to provide positive behaviour support to the school. This includes collaboration with other school staff to develop and implement effective strategies at the whole-group, small-group, and individual levels. Some of the areas we target are social skills, emotional learning, anxiety, and self-help/life skills.

Gross Motor Team

The PE Specialist / Kinesiologist works to support students’ gross motor development in conjunction with the larger gross motor team which also includes Physical Therapy and Adapted PE. Together, they identify a child’s functional abilities and establish a plan to help them develop in areas of need. They work with the school team to determine any impact on school function (e.g. classroom mobility, participation in DPA, access to the building/surrounding areas, etc.) and to implement strategies to mitigate those challenges (e.g. providing mobility equipment, offering consultation on adapting/modifying physical education, providing recommendations to improve accessibility, etc.). We provide recommendations on classroom DPA, integrating movement opportunities into classroom routine, and specific exercise/activities to promote gross motor skill development.

This is a collaborative relationship between parents, teachers, students, classroom staff and other specialists. The integration of all perspectives helps to ensure the provision of meaningful and practical support for each student.

Family School Liaison Worker

Family School Liaison Workers in Edmonton Catholic Schools are Registered Social Workers. FSLW’s foster a connection between child/student, parent and school community. As a social worker in the school, they can help the school through program planning, implementation and evaluation of various programs. FSLW thrive to support any and every family, whether that’s supporting a family with resources, home visitation, as well as formal and informal counseling. Social workers are here to advocate and support our families anyway we can.


As part of the MDT, the psychologist’s role is diverse and includes consulting to schools, families, and other MDT members. It may include classroom observations and interventions, informal or formal assessment and, in some instances, it may include counselling services.