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St. Philip School Council

St. Philip Parent Advisory Association (SPPAA):

Bylaws  St Philip Parent Advisory Assoiciation (Society) Bylaws.pdf

SPPAA Fundraising Association:

Please complete and return the form below to become a member of the St. Philip Parent Association Fundraising Association (SPPAAFA). All parents/legal guardians of students enrolled in St. Philip Elementary Catholic School (SPECS) are encouraged to become members of the SPPAAFA. 

SPPAA Membership Forms.pdf

Other interested persons may become Community Members or Associate Members, subject to vested interest and bylaws, as approved by the Association. The majority of members of
the Association will be parents/legal guardians. There are no SPPAA membership fees

As a member of SPPAAFA I have the right to:
 vote at any general (membership) meeting of the society (AGM, SGM, RGM)
 receive notice of all meetings and fundraising activities
 serve on committees or chair fundraisers
 stand for election as an Officer or Director on the Executive
 Add any others as per bylaws

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