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Welcome to St. Jerome Science Academy.

St. Jerome Science Academy serves the communities of Rundle Heights and Beverly Heights and students who have an interest in our science focus throughout the city of Edmonton. 

St. Jerome is a science focus school, offering this focus through many scientific related activities. Such activities include weekly community science walks, guest science presenters, many STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) activities such as coding and robotics, as well as monthly science carousels created and presented by our students for our students. Our school also has a number of school pets either within the classroom or other learning environments. At St. Jerome Science academy, classrooms are not held by the confines of our walls, we have many outdoor spaces that provide a backdrop for learning such as our gardens, forests and large green spaces. St. Jerome is a dedicated to discovery, rich questioning, and exploration through the many strands of science. Students will be provided opportunities to move deeper into the directions where curiosity leads them. This is all supported through project based learning and cross curricular initiatives, culminating in our school wide annual Science fair.  


Students take pride in the many traditions at St. Jerome, one of which is our school dress code where students proudly wear our school colours blue bottoms and white or navy tops to school. St. Jerome Science Academy prides itself on being an open and inclusive environment, in which all are welcome to learn and share. 

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