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School Council

School Council (SC)

St. Stanislaus has an active and engaged parent community.  All parents are encouraged to get involved in our school community.

The School Council is a group of dedicated parent volunteers who, along with school administration, work closely together to provide the not only the best learning opportunities and environment for our children but also to promote the well-being and sense of community for all students of St. Stanislaus. 

School Council is a collective partnership between parents, teachers, principals, staff and the community, who work together to effectively support and enhance student learning. School Council is one means for members of the school community to create meaningful discussion on education and school-related matters, in addition to providing advice and feedback to school administration. In school council meetings, we hear reports from administration and discuss ideas for activities, as well as the vision for the school.

 Parent involvement with School Council may take different forms:

  1. Taking on an executive or supporting position on School Council
  2. Volunteering to support School Council initiatives
  • Shelve books in the library
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Helping out at or preparing for School Council events
  • Planning, organizing, or executing School Council initiatives (such as Advent Hampers)

To learn more about School Council, please contact us or attend a meeting.