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Catholic Faith

Religious Education

All of the Schools in the Edmonton Catholic School District use a Religious Education Program that is prescribed by our Alberta Bishops and provided through the National Office for Religious Education in Ottawa. The Program ranges from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve, and provides students with an overview of our Catholic faith as well as grade specific themes. All students are required to take part in our religious education program.

Our School's Namesake: St. Boniface

For information about our namesake, St. Boniface: Our Namesake.


We celebrate important events in the school and liturgical year. Dates of school events and celebrations are listed in our school calendars.

Parish Information

Parish: St. Thomas More Church
210 Haddow Close NW, Edmonton, AB T6R 2P3
Tel: 780.434.6313    Fax: 780.438.2088

St. Thomas More Parish Website 

Sacramental Preparation

Information regarding sacramental preparation is published in school newsletters and may be communicated to parents as it is made available by the parish.