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1 - Kindergarten



We will be preparing a package that will be available online for students in our Google Classroom to encourage extra practice at home, in correlation to what is being taught in the classroom. This package includes letter and number practice, in the sense of recognition, as well as printing. Please encourage your child to practice the letter sounds as well as letter formation.

In addition, please continue to read at home! Home reading is amazing exposure to reading, as well as writing skills. Board games are another fabulous way to engage your child. It helps to build math skills, such as subitizing (ie. rolling a dice, and knowing instantly what the number is, without having to count the dots.), counting and number recognition.

Thanks and happy learning!

Mrs. Mullen and Ms. Alessandrini

Please find all relevant classroom material on our Google Classroom! (Click the + button, select 'Join Class' and use the classroom code Ms. Alessandrini and Mrs. Mullen provided to you.  If you continue to have trouble, please email us!)

Parents Guide to Google Classroom

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