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Prayer is the key to heaven but Faith unlocks the door. ~Anonymous


It seems hard to believe that we are already one month into the new school year!  October is a time of quiet reflection and thanksgiving, a time where we ponder the wonderful things God has provided for us.

We extend a very warm welcome to the families who are new to our school community, especially those children attending our 100 Voices program and Kindergarten class!  Our very dedicated and caring staff look forward to guiding your child's development as a learner, encouraging them to explore their passions and sharing a common love for Christ.  Students at St. Bernadette will have many opportunities to do their part and make the world a better place as we will embark on many social justice initiatives this year. 

As in the past, communication with parents, our parish and community will continue to be a priority.  Our school newsletter will be sent home once a month and will be available on the school website.  Weekly updates will be sent home at the end of each week to inform parents of the upcoming week's activities.  Our monthly calendar will be shared within the newsletter and posted to our website. 

Our School Council and Fundraising Society met on September 18th for the first time this new school year.  We would love to welcome newcomers to our School Council and invite you to join us as your input into our school programming is greatly appreciated.  Our School Council and Fundraising society meet every other month and are looking for your help!  Consider joining us for this exciting partnership.

The students at St. Bernadette had an amazing call to action and collected funds to support Terry Fox's goal to find a cure for cancer.  This year, students raised over $1129!!!  They will have a lot of fun taping me to the wall on Wednesday!  Watch our school television for many pictures of our awesome event.  Thank you to all who donated toonies and small change for this wonderful cause.

October 7th to October 11th is Read In Week!  This is a special week to celebrate literacy, one of our school goals this year.  Take time to read with your children, visit the public library or have them share stories from school.  Reading is an essential skill and fortunately our technology allows us to experience reading in many ways. We hope you can all join us for Love of Literacy night, Wednesday, October 9th at 6:00pm, as we will have many amazing reading strategies, activities and family suggestions ready for you to participate in with your child. 

Sarah Mandolesi                                                         

phone:   780-474-4167

St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School Focus Programs