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Prayer is the key to heaven but Faith unlocks the door. ~Anonymous

As we end a lovely October, we are fortunate that our fall weather has given us a reprieve from our snowy September!  In November we celebrate two feast days in our church; November 1st is All Saints Day and November 2nd is All Souls Day.  All Saints Day is the day when we remember all those holy men, women and children who have gone before us to heaven.  These saints, recognized by the church, are 'ordinary' people like you and I, and those in our family who led holy lives.  They all lived lives faithful to God and they are cheering for us who are still living.  All Souls Day is a day to remember our family and loved ones who have died.  We ask God to help us live with the hope that one day we will be re-united in heaven.  Finally, November 4th is Catholic Education Sunday, a day for celebrating how fortunate we are to have a publically funded Catholic Education System!  This day is a call to become informed, involved and proactive in the preservation of Catholic Education. November Web Picture.jpg

As always, we want to take this opportunity to thank all parents who volunteer for our morning snack program!  Many hands make light work and we truly appreciate each and every parent and volunteer who has been in to support our students.  The St. Bernadette Fundraising Society is still looking for volunteers for their biannual Casino.  Please consider signing up for this very valuable fundraiser.  You can access the sign up from our school website, 

In addition to our upcoming Casino, our School Council and Fundraising Society are also looking for more parent involvement; please consider joining the School Council or Fundraising Society this year.  Our next meeting is scheduled for November 19th at 6:30pm.  School Council and the Fundraising Society allows for parents to collaborate with the school team and plan wonderful opportunities for our children.  

Sarah Mandolesi                                                         
phone:   780-474-4167

St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School Focus Programs