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Pillars of our School

Leadership for ALL:  We are a 'Leadership for ALL' school, which means every single student and adult in our building works hard at developing their personal leadership skills.  This benefits the individual and the group as students learn to live the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Numeracy and Literacy:  Effective education includes the core understanding of 'Learn to read, write and do math, and you can do anything!'  We take this responsibility very seriously, encouraging and supporting every learner with strategies to help them become the best readers. writers and mathematicians they can become.  

Communities of Practice:  In our practice as teachers, our goal is constant and continuous professional growth​, directly affecting how we teach and how children learn.  Our professional growth plans, weekly and monthly professional development and our connections as educators supports us in becoming the best school in Alberta.

Click on the links on the left side column for individualized information about each of our pillars.  (currently being developed)​