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Fine Arts: Music


Music Program


Instrumental music classes are offered at H.E. Beriault through a three-year continuous instrumental band program. Choral music class is offered at the grade nine level.  

The HE Beriault Music Program strives to:

• create a musical community that is rich with cultural, social, and intellectual diversity.

• give the student an intensive education in the music discipline.

• prepare each student with a solid foundation in music and an expansive education in the liberal arts.

• develop an informed and inquiring mind that enables each student to engage the fundamental issues of his or her art and to become an effective cultural leader in society.

• offer the highest quality music instruction and performance opportunities for students.

Instrumental Music Program

Music offered at H. E. B. is a three-year continuous band program being compulsory in Grade Seven. The following is a list of instruments, one of which will be selected by each student for use in the program: flute, clarinet, alto & tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone and tuba.  Percussion (drums and auxilliary percussion) is also offered for students interested. They must show and aptitude and skill for reading rhythm. They should also be familiar with a piano keyboard. 

The objectives of the Instrumental Music Program are:
  • to develop skills in listening, performing and using notational systems.
  • to encourage students to strive for musical excellence, individually and as members of a group.
  • to enable students to understand, evaluate and appreciate a variety of music.
  • to provide experiences which foster the development of self-expression, creativity and communication through music.
  • to make students aware of the implication of music in our society.

Choral Music Program

Students in grade 9 are given the option to take Choral Music. This is a semestered course that introduces the vocal technique and practice. Students will learn vocal anatomy, and study the difference voice parts.  For school celebrations, the choir and Glee Clubs will be amalgamated and perform together. Students who are registered in semester 1 choir are encouraged to participate in school celebrations/performances in semester 2. 


Glee Club is an extracurricular activity that takes place on Wednesday after school from 3:10-4:30. This is a year long club that involves singing and dance choreography. All students are welcome to audition for entry into the club. Participation and attendance will be taken and students must be present. The club is run by Mr. de Freitas, Ms. Shewring and Ms. Hughes. The Glee Club performs for school celebrations as well as the Edmonton Catholic School Heart of Glee fundraiser supporting the Stollery Children’s Hospital. This is usually held in February.