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School Council


Do you ever wonder who helps to pay for the cutting edge technology that our staff and students are blessed to have?  Or who helps to pay for the free lunches that our children enjoy?  Who organizes fun and exciting events like the Family Dance?

It's the School Advisory Council!  The Father Leo Green SAC is the fundraising arm of the School Council.  In conjunction with the school administration, SAC spends the fundraised dollars on items, programs and events that help benefit and enhance the learning experience and environment for all students of the school. 

Now is your chance to have a say in those same events/activities and fundraisers!  Our School Advisory Council is conducting its first ever survey of the parents and staff of FLG.  We are trying to get a sense of what sorts of events/activities and fundraisers you have enjoyed and supported in the past and what you would like to see continue with next year as we look ahead and plan for the new school year.  We value your input so please take a few minutes to complete the survey at


 survey monkey.png


Again, the results of this survey will help us determine what events/activities and fundraisers to continue with for the next school year so let your voice be heard by completing the survey.

The last day to complete the survey will be Tuesday, May 23.



After many years of dedication, our school's SAC is unfortunately, losing some extremely valuable executive members as their children prepare to move onto junior high school or changing schools.  In order to continue with all of the exceptional programs we've worked so tirelessly to establish, we'll need to fill several vacant positions. 

Below are basic descriptions of each position, as well as an approximate time commitment in addition to attending the meetings. 


ART CARDS COORDINATOR – We transform a piece of each student's personal artwork into greeting cards to give your loved ones.  The duties include:

  • Work with the principal to set dates;
  • Work with the Art Card Liaison staff member to assist with questions re artwork;
  • Ensure there is enough stock/supplies;
  • Scan and crop all students' artwork;
  • Print off order forms and distribute;
  • Collect returned order forms and money;
  • Print and distribute art cards;
  • Prepare money for deposit.

Approximate time commitment: A few weeks total for each Christmas Art Cards and Spring Art Cards.  Please note: This job needs to be done during school hours.


SHROVE TUESDAY LUNCH COORDINATOR – On Shrove Tuesday we provide a full pancake and sausage lunch for all the students and staff at FLG.  The duties include:

  • Work with St. Dominic Savio Church to book and use their kitchen;
  • Purchase all of the ingredients and materials needed (can ask for donations as well);
  • Recruit volunteers;
  • Cook sausages the day before the event;
  • Coordinate volunteers the day of the event (including those cooking in the morning at the church, transportation of food and set-up/serving/clean-up).

Approximate time commitment: 6 hours before for prep, 3 hours the day before to cook sausages, 6 – 8 hours on Shrove Tuesday.  This event seems big, but with the system we have in place it is actually quite simple. 


SPELL-A-THON/MATH-A-THON COORDINATOR – This is one of our biggest school-wide fundraisers.

  • Purchase prizes for the top winners and participation give-away draws;
  • Set dates with the principal (packages to go home, test date, prize distribution);
  • Coordinate with the principal to get spelling words/math test for each class;
  • Prepare packages for printing and work with office staff to send to printers;
  • Distribute packages to teacher mailboxes for handout;
  • Display prizes in the office;
  • Collect all returned sponsor forms and money from the office;
  • Count and record all money raised and determine top earning students and classes;
  • Award the prizes at a school assembly.
  • Coordinate with the teachers for the two classes who qualify for the class prize.

Approximate time commitment: 5 hours for prep work, 4 hours each to count money and award prizes; shopping for prizes varies.


FUN FEST LUNCH COORDINATOR – We provide a hot dog lunch for all students and staff at FLG on Fun Fest Day in June.  The duties include:

  • Purchase groceries and supplies;
  • Recruit volunteers;
  • Coordinate volunteers for set-up, prep, cooking, serving and clean-up on Fun Fest day at the school.
  • Approximate time commitment: 6 hours over 3 weeks before the event and 4 – 5 hours on Fun Fest day.


Prep work for all of these positions can be done on evenings or weekends.  On the day of the event, lunches and prize give-away day, you'll need to be available during the school day. 


It would be best for us to receive a commitment to these Coordinator positions before Monday, May 29 so that we can consider these events as we plan and make decisions for next year.

Please note: If we are unable to fill any of these positions, we may need to cancel these activities or other programs that the fundraisers pay for.

For your consideration in September:

CLASSROOM REPRESENTATIVES – This is a great way to get involved if you're not quite ready to take on a Coordinator role.  The duties include:

  • Attend all SAC meetings, which occur generally every second month;
  • Communicate with class parents by sending out SAC emails, passing along comments or questions from parents to SAC;
  • Assist the teacher by sending out communications looking for volunteers for field trips or in-school activities.

Approximate time commitment: On average, couple hours a month but may vary depending on how many SAC events being held that month.

Every current member of our SAC has a paid job – some full-time, some part-time, some work outside the home and some work from home.  The time put into these positions is completely flexible.  Just as the success our children have in the classroom is dependent on the time they put into completing homework and preparing themselves to learn; the success of FLG as a whole is dependent on the amount of time these same students' parents put into making it the best learning environment possible by fundraising and helping organize extra-curricular activities. 

We're proud to say that our SAC is made up of very supportive members.  There will be plenty of help and guidance for all newcomers who join.  You can even bring a friend that you'd love to pair up with and work on an event together. 

We promise you – you won't ever regret getting involved and helping make our school the best it can be for everyone!

Please contact Raiven Hansen-Downs at

if you're interested in joining our SAC team or if you have any questions before making a decision. 


SAC 2017-2018 Event/Activity & Fundraisers Calendar

Click here for a look at when our regular SAC events usually take place, as well as significant organizing periods.


Next Meeting

Monday,  June 12 @ 6:30 pm – Annual General Meeting

Everyone is welcome to attend any/all of our meetings.  Minutes from the past meetings are available upon request. 

Current Executive Members

Currently, the SAC is made up of many extremely hard working and devoted parents.  These same parents help to organize the SAC fundraisers and plan special events throughout the year.

Chair: Raiven Hansen-Downs

Vice-Chair: Barb Kreller

Secretary: Jennifer Cajina/Erin Kelly

Treasurer: Marjorie Hibbert

Directors: Erin Kelly, Marina Kingsley, Trina Jewison & Olga De La Vega

Non-Elected Members: Tammy Thornton, Lori Strzelec & Michelle Hofstede

Classroom Representatives: Rebecca Peart (KA), Michelle Hofstede (KB & 2A), Shirley Aldana (KC), Stacey Brown (KD), Donna Ross (1A), Karen Pulles (1C), Colleen Matheson (1D), Lizet Brkic (2C), Sonia Felipe-Nguyen (2D), Jory Begin (3A), Samah Dahrouge (4A), Maria Sanchez (4C), Donna Tchida (5A), Sandra Mena (5C) and Lori Strzelec (6C)



It's incredibly hard to believe that this school year is almost coming to an end!  It seems like it just started.  Thank you to each and every parent, family member and staff member that contributed their time, energy and money to making this school year a tremendous success.  Without all of your hard work and support, SAC wouldn't be able to do the things we do.


A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of the SAC members who worked tirelessly and spent countless hours this year planning and organizing many great events and fundraisers.  And to those who still have more hours left finishing up the events during these last two months of school and preparing for the next school year to get us off to a great start.