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We, at Annunciation School miss all of our students so much. Please share that we miss them and that we hope that everyone is keeping safe at this uncertain time.

Thank you to everyone for your understanding as we navigate through this difficult situation. We will continue to keep informed about any new developments.

Thank you from Annunciation Staff.

Dear Lord,

We praise you and we love you!

We thank you so much for the breath of life, for the strength to stand and remain steadfast in your love.

Come Holy Spirit, speak through us, and kindle love in our hearts that we may see Light these days. Open our eyes that we may see beyond our self-interest, touch our ears that we may hear what others may not be able to or are afraid to say, open our hearts that we may seek you, come to you and plead to be with you always.

We pray for our students, our school community, especially the vulnerable, our city, our country and the whole world. Remove fear that is gripping our hearts in these uncertain times, envelope us with your warm embrace that we may find refuge in your bosom, Lord.

Grant in us compassion, burn out egoism, that selflessness, the life stream which Jesus Christ gifted us from the cross, will inspire us to be united in our striving to make a world of peace, faith and love.

This we pray in Jesus name and through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary. Amen.

Lalaine Baclig

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