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Alert:  Extreme Weather Warning

Due to the weather forecast for the next week and temperatures steady near minus 25 with wind chill factor of minus 30.

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2019-2020 Student Registration Form December 10 2018.pdf


Registration for all grades will begin Monday January 14th 2019.

You will require proof of residence, birth certificate for your child, Permanent Residence Documents (where applicable-foreign born) and Catholic baptismal certificate (parents or child) for Sacramental purposes in the future.

Family Day- Monday Feb. 18- No School

Corpus Christi Open House

Wednesday February 20- 100 Voices and Kindergarten at 6pm. Junior High Open House time is at 6:45 pm.

100 Voices and Kindergarten Information

For Information on 100 Voices eligibility and kindergarten, please refer to the website below, or paste the URL in your browser to open the link.

For Pre-Kindergarten: 100 Voices-4 year old program- Children must be four years of age on or before Dec. 31, 2019.

For Pre-Kindergarten: 100 Voices- 3 year old program- Children must be 3 years of age on or before September 30, 2109.

Week at a Glance

Each week we send out a digital news letter titled 'Week at a Glance'. If you don't receive the e-mails (usually sent on Friday), please let the office know. Here is the digital WAG, copied here for your convenience.

Corpus Christi School Goals-2017-2018

1.Creating and establishing a collaborative culture and community

2.To establish Corpus Christi as an excellent Catholic School

3.Building common language and practice around literacy

4.Students communicate, connect and express mathematical  ideas/concepts/vocabulary to everyday experiences and other disciplines

Corpus Christi School Plan for Continuous Growth 2018-2020 (Year 2).docx

Corpus Christi Out of School Care:

Upcoming Events

Corpus Christi Elementary/Junior High School Focus Programs