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Junior High Option Selection

All current grade 6,7 and 8 students returning to Corpus Christi in September 2019 will be selecting their options. Parents can access the following two files for descriptions on what each of these optional courses entail.

2019 Grade 7 Option Descriptors.docx

2019 Grade 8 and 9 Option Descriptors.docx


2019-2020 Student Registration Form December 10 2018.pdf

Spring Concert Dates- see below

Congratulations to the Junior High Boys Running Room Relay team which made it to the semi-finals

Corpus Christi School Goals-2017-2018

1.Creating and establishing a collaborative culture and community

2.To establish Corpus Christi as an excellent Catholic School

3.Building common language and practice around literacy

4.Students communicate, connect and express mathematical  ideas/concepts/vocabulary to everyday experiences and other disciplines

Corpus Christi School Plan for Continuous Growth 2018-2020.docx

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Upcoming Events

Corpus Christi Elementary/Junior High School Focus Programs