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What We Offer

Our School’s Mission: 

To educate the whole person through a curriculum rooted in Catholic spiritual formation and academic excellence

Programs – Core Academic Programs of Studies: 

Our goal at Father Michael Mireau School is to assist students to achieve their personal academic best. All teaching and learning aligns with the requirements of the Alberta Education Program of Studies. 

Within the elementary (grades 1-6 setting), core instruction includes Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education/Health, Art and Music instruction. French is considered a core subject and is mandatory from grades 4 to 6.

In junior high, in addition to the core subjects (Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education/Health), our students have a variety of complimentary courses to choose.  These courses include: Art, Band, and Drama.

Curriculum Handbooks & Curriculum Summaries for Parents 

Curriculum summaries, which include information about content taught in each grade and subject area, are available on the Alberta Education website:

Our School's Universal Design for Learning 

Universal Design for Learning principles incorporate best practices in all areas of the curriculum and provide multiple, varied, and flexible options for student representation, expression and engagement. 

Our School Offers:

• Universal Design for Learning with multiple technologies and platforms to support students.
• Diverse learning spaces designed to meet a variety of student needs and offer student choice. 
• Flexibility in learning modalities based on a student's preferred learning style.
• Inquiry-based Learning that offers a high level of student engagement.
• (S.T.E.A.M.) Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math focused Learning Commons/Makerspaces that includes a Wind Tunnel, Magnet Wall, Lego Wall, Light Labs, Robotics, Dash & Dot Coding Robots, Cubelets® Robot Blocks Osmos, Tagoo Blocks, & more hands-on learning tools for optimal inquiry-based learning
• Two Learning Coache to coordinate flexible approaches to learning, customized for individual student needs.
• Multiple Disciplinary Team (MDT) of Service Providers FSLW, EBS, RCSD, TA-SL.
• Multi-age Instruction for Project-Based Learning 
• Full wireless capabilities 
• Multiple Technology options for student choice (Smartboards, FM systems, chrome box, iPads.)
• Transportation for students within the catchment area
• “Healthy Hunger” Weekly Hot Lunch Program
• Social Groups (Lego Club, Recess Club)
• Therapeutic Play Groups 
• Classroom workshops to build specific skills and awareness (Wellness Building, Personal Space Camp, Whole Body Listening)
• FOCUS Program for self-regulation 
• Imagination Playground for Early Learning – Division 1 students 
• Levelled Literacy Intervention Program (LLI) for Struggling Readers
• SIOP trained teachers for (ELL) English Language Learner
• Imagine Learning Language & Literacy online program for ELLs
• Kagan Collaborative Learning Strategies
• Mathletics Program
• RAZ Kids Online Reading
• Discovery Education 
• BrainPop
• School Chapel and weekly visits from clergy members at St. Theresa’s Parish
• Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) Instruction 
• French as a Second Language Instruction
• Comprehensive & Collaborative Music Programming for all Elementary students 
• Band for Junior High Students
• Community partnership with access to Summerside Lake

Extracurricular Activities:

• Leadership Club Social Justice Education & Engagement Learning 
• Environmental Club 
• Volleyball Teams (Elementary & Junior High)
• Floor Hockey Team (Elementary)
• Soccer Teams 
• Running Clubs (Elementary & Junior High)
• Jr. and Sr. Choirs
• Art Club
• Dance Club (Elementary) 
• Annual Performances (Celebration of the Arts, Kiwanis Music Festival, Concerts, Community Performances)
• Alberta Opera 
• Basketball Teams (Junior High)
• Track and Field Team (Junior High)
• Ski Trip for grades 4-9