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Counsellor's Corner

Welcome to the Cardinal Collins Counsellor's Corner


The counsellor at Cardinal Collins Academic Centre can be found in the Student Services Centre. Students can come to Student Services to request support from the counsellor themselves. They may also be referred to the counsellor by teachers, admin, or family.  

The counsellor at Cardinal Collins has private office space in the Clareview Recreation Centre to see students, but will meet students in Student Services prior to moving there. Students may also choose to complete their counselling session while walking around the school grounds or the Clareview Recreation Centre track with the counsellor.

For more information on walking counselling, please see the attached document: Benefits of Choosing a Walking Counselling Session

Services Provided:

  • Individual counselling and support for students
  • Group counselling and support for students
  • Workshops on topics such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, body image, etc. for students
  • Referrals to meet mental health needs that are unable to be met within the school
  • Consultations with teachers/admin to support students in the classroom
  • Family consultations to support student development at home
  • Interpretation of psychological assessments or reports

For up-to-date information on what groups/workshops the counsellor is currently offering at Cardinal Collins, please refer to the whiteboard in Student Services and the monitors located within the school.

Please note that there are both risks and benefits to engaging in counselling. Although this will be discussed with each student prior to beginning counselling, you may also review the attached Counselling Risks and Benefits. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask before beginning counselling.

Crisis Resources:

If you are experiencing a crisis please utilize one of the following free resources:

*The counsellor at Cardinal Collins will be available to support students in crisis during school hours and when students are present at the school. For crises outside of school hours or occurring when you are off of the school grounds, please refer to the above resources or call 2-1-1 for further options. Some of the counselling centres noted below may also take walk-in crisis cases as well, but it is best to call first to be sure.

Mental Health-Related Resources:

Youth/Young Adult Resources in Edmonton:

Affordable Counselling Services in Edmonton:

Students may require more extensive counselling services than the counsellor at Cardinal Collins can provide due to the number of students whom the counsellor supports. Students may seek this support on their own or be referred to these services by the school counsellor.

*Please note: if you are under the age of 18, you will require parental consent to receive counselling services. The exception to this is if you go to Northgate Centre (9499 137 Ave – 780-475-3695) to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Intake Services. At this centre they may determine that you qualify to be a mature minor, in which case you can sign your own consent, but it is up to them to determine whether you qualify for this or not. Please call ahead to have a better understanding of how their intake process works.

Parents or teachers may also refer students to AHS counselling services:

For additional counselling options, call 2-1-1. If you are looking for a specific type of private practice counselling services, they are searchable on the internet or talk to the school counsellor for a referral. You can also use this website as a tool to find a psychologist: