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Application Process

Quarter 4:  April 18, 2017 (first day of class)

Online application for Quarter 4 of the 2016-2017 school year is still open. To apply online, please follow the process below.  You must apply online before you meet with an advisor.

*Please Note: Class space is limited, your application will not be approved nor your spot held until you have met with an advisor.  

If you would like more information on the quarterly system or to discuss the 2016-2017 application process, please call or come to the school and request to meet with a student advisor.  

  Timetable 2016-2017Quarterly 2016-2017 v. june 16 2016.PNG   *Math 30-2 Prep course:  The Math 30-2 Prep course is recommended to students interested in registering for Math 30-2 but have not completed or had difficulty with Math 20-2 or have only completed Math 30-3 and lower.  The Math 30-2 prep course will review the concepts and terminology that will provide students with the tools required to perform to their highest potential in the Math 30-2 course.


Application Process:

Step 1: Apply online and select your courses.

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 Instructional video - "How to Apply"



Step 2: Meet with an advisor. Advisors are available for drop-in registration from 9:00 - 12:00 pm. from September through to June.  Please bring identification (birth certificate or a passport).

Please note: Your application will not be approved until you have met with an advisor. 


18-19 year old students:   $100.00 caution fee per course (refundable when all textbooks are returned in good condition)

** We highly recommend that students pay online to secure their courses for each quarter


20 year old students (prior to September 1st) :   $450.00 per course (non-refundable) and a $100.00 caution fee per course (refundable when all textbooks are returned in good condition)


Please note:

·         18 and 19 year old students will be given first priority for registration.

·         20 year old students (prior to September 1st), please contact the school to see an administrator for course selection and availability before you apply online.