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About Us

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Welcome all new and potential students!

Cardinal Collins High School Academic Centre is our newest centre for students across Edmonton to complete high school requirements. Learning Services-Enhancement, Alternative Education is excited to offer students in Edmonton an amazing alternative to completing high school.

Our Centre is located at 3802-139 Avenue and is a partnership between Edmonton Catholic Schools, the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Public Library. This facility will be physically connected to the Clareview Recreation Centre and the Edmonton Public Library.

The Centre offers:

• Access via the northeast LRT line
• Educational services to complete high school requirements,
• English as a Second Language instruction
• AE Fresh Start Academic Centres
• Summer School
• P.A.S.S. (Evening Program)
• Diploma Preparation Sessions
• Continuing Education Programs
• Day Care

In partnership with the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Catholic Schools strives to meet the diverse learning needs of students in the Edmonton area. This new state of- the-art facility, adjacent to the northeast LRT line, provides support to students who need access to educational services to complete high school requirements, to increase their course marks or to take additional courses to further their education for acceptance into post-secondary institutions with a complement of programs and services geared to high school completion. Our centre is physically connected to the Clareview Recreation Centre,  providing our students access to gyms, the fitness centre, swimming pool, daycare and a public library.

Who Should Attend Cardinal Collins?

Cardinal Collins High School Academic Centre is designed for students who are in their fourth and fifth year of high school and require an alternative way of finishing high school or need to upgrade Grade 12 courses.  We welcome English Language Learner (ELL) students (Level 1-5),pregnant and parenting teens, and Knowledge and Employability students working on a high school diploma. Within the centre is the Cardinal Collins Fresh Start Academic Centre, for high school students who require a small teacher to student ratio in an alternative setting.  Educational services are delivered in many forms - classroom environment, self-paced and on-line!