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Pre Engineering


The Pre-Engineering (Electro Tech) course sequence is designed to provide students with an opportunityto study engineering concepts and constructs while creating personalized career pathways. Using an integrated technical learning system where theoretical knowledge is made relevant through practical application, students gain valuable experience in the investigation of career interests in the field of engineering. 

PRE-REQUISITE: previous level course 

Upon completion of these courses, students apply basic fabricating and servicing techniques to the breadboard to construct and test electronic devices and cables. Students construct process control circuits in Arduino and VEX microcontroller and demonstrate procedures for testing them. Printed circuit board and proper soldering procedures are applied to assemble a project. As students advance to the next level, they use sensor control systems to operate a robotic system. Students design or modify boards using a wide variety of skills in prototyping. Advanced students gain knowledge of expert systems such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. 

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"The thing I Iove most about Electro Tech is the abilityto be an engineer in the classroom." Myles Dalgleish (Grade 10)