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Dual Credit Program

Dual credit opportunities allow students to get a head start on their future by exploring areas of interest in high school. Students are able to enroll in post-secondary courses, earning both high school and post-secondary credits within their own high school setting.

Students successfully completing a Dual Credit program may also achieve additional benefits including:

  • Hands on experience in a career field of interest
  • Potential tuition cost savings 
  • Portfolio development
  • Early entry into the workforce
  • Minimal student fees
  • Resources provided 

ECSD and Revelations Online offer a number of dual credit courses that are accessible to MMM students. See your Administration, TA or Grad Coach for a list of possibilities.

More Information

MMM students have the opportunity to earn both high school and post secondary credit in the following career fields:

  • Business Management

More information is available at ECSD

"My dual credit program gave me a taste of what postsecondary would be like.
I am grateful to have advanced
my learning!" Tyra Reed (MMM graduate)