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Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement Program enables students to pursue university level studies while in high school. Based on their performance on AP exams, students earn credit or advanced placement for university. MMM offers AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science, AP Physics, AP Math, AP English & AP Psychology.


Both the AP and IB programs provide excellent learning opportunities that recognize student differences in preparation, motivation and ability. 

Both are accepted by most major local, regional and international universities; all AP courses and exams may lead to university credit. 

AP is very flexible and students may choose to take one course or more according to interest and post- secondary goals. Unlike IB, there are no additional courses or study requirements other than completion of course work. 

AP students are NOT at an academic disadvantage. Many universities and colleges will use the higher of either the AP exam score or high school course grade for admissions.

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"The AP Program not only challenges me to elevate my
skills, but allows me to pursue and learn more about
subjects I am passionate about."
Dalida Akl (Grade 12)

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