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YOGA FITNESS 15 (3 Credit) The yoga program offers students the opportunity to develop their overall personal health through the study of yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Through the practice of yoga, the body become stronger, more mobile and supple. Yoga Fitness 15 introduces students to the anatomy and physiology of the body as it applies to the practice of yoga, as well as fosters mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Students will not only experience the health benefits behind practicing yoga but will also learn coping skills that will help them deal with everyday stressors. 

YOGA FITNESS 25 (3 Credit) Yoga Fitness 25 offers students the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and ability in the postures, breathing techniques and meditative practices of yoga. Students who continue on to this course will benefit by having improved mobility and posture as well as increased flexibility and strength. This intermediate course increases student knowledge of postures, challenging their balance, strength and concentration. Students will continue to learn coping skills for stress and anxiety reduction and foster mindfulness approaches for the well-being of themselves and others.

PRE-REQUISITE: Yoga Fitness 15