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ENGLISH 10-1, 20-1 and 30-1

The English -1 sequence of courses is intended for students who have demonstrated strengths in their use of language and their understanding of print and non-print texts. These courses are for students who intend to pursue postsecondary education and enroll in degree programs at post-secondary institutions following senior high school graduation.

PRE-REQUISITE: 65% in ENGLISH 9 or 60% in previous -1 level English

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ENGLISH 10-2, 20-2 and 30-2 

The English -2 sequence of courses is designed to concentrate on the development of language arts strategies and skills to strengthen student use of language and understanding of texts. These courses are intended for students who wish to enroll in a certificate or a diploma program at post-secondary institutions or who wish to enter the labour force following graduation.

PRE-REQUISITE: 40-49% in ENGLISH 9 or 50% in previous -2 level English

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ENGLISH 10-1 AP, 20-1 AP and 30-1 AP

Advanced Placement English challenges students with a wide variety of literature in various forms and genres. Instruction in literary analysis as well as critical and personal responses to literature prepare students for university level assignments specifically in the areas of scholarly argument, literary analysis and analytic issue oriented essays.

PRE-REQUISITE: 80% in English -1 or 75% in previous AP English

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FILM STUDIES 15, 25 & 35 

Film Studies is for students who wish to develop an advanced understanding of cinema, to enhance their critical appreciation of films, and to facilitate understanding of film as a distinct form of art, technology and visual media. Film Studies is great for students who would like to boost their English grade, including ELL students. Students are introduced to the processes of filmmaking and technical/interpretive analysis 

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