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Attendance Policy


Instructional delivery at Mother Margaret Mary High School requires students to be present and participate in class for successful achievement of curricular outcomes.  Students who are not in class regularly for any reason (excused or unexcused) are considered "at risk" as they are missing out on required learning and are often in jeopardy of not achieving academic success.  


Students are considered "at risk" when:


  • they are regularly late for class and this impacts academic progress  (3 lates = one unexcused absence);
  • their lack of attendance impacts learning and/or academic progress including unexcused absences, either consecutive or not consecutive;                                         
  • there are chronic excused absences that impact learning and/or academic progress;
  • there is no academic progress for two or more consecutive weeks because of a failure to complete assignments or course work;
  • their teacher has expressed academic concern to the parent and/or Teacher Advisor; and/or
  • continuous disruptive behaviours compromise performance and progress.

Note:  If there is a diagnosed medical condition that prevents a student from attending school regularly, the student/parent is expected to arrange an appointment with administration to review alternate educational experiences that may better serve to assist students who cannot commit to full time programming.



Students who are considered "at risk" will be subject to a four stage intervention schedule.  The first step in the pyramid of intervention is Academic Watch.  The Teacher Advisor, either upon receiving information from subject teachers or through observation or monitoring of the Advisee, notices any of the "at risk" behaviours listed above.