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Catholic Faith

Chaplain's Message

Mother Margaret Mary is equipped with a beautiful Chapel and Prayer space for students to come and interact with our school Chaplain as well as reflect and be in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  The Chapel is a place to engage in Spiritual Guidance as well as a safe and caring place where students can go to just casually talk or collaborate on just about anything. 

Flex sessions are held for students to come and learn about the scriptures in a comfortable setting and undertake fun activities with each other in a faith based setting. 

Annual Chaplain Projects for Thanksgiving, Advent, Lent, and Easter are done by the Chaplain and student body at MMM where students learn the value of helping out charities and community organizations like the Edmonton Food Bank, The Mustard Seed, St. Vincent, DePaul, and Catholic Sign of Hope. 

Students participate in monthly Masses in the Chapel led by our St. Thomas More priests and the students travel to the Parish throughout the year for Masses that celebrate events in the liturgical calendar. 

Social Justice

Our student lead Social Justice Committee energizes the student body by modelling servant leadership in a variety of community orientated initiatives such as:

  • Annual Children's Halloween Carnival in support of the Edmonton Food Bank.
  • Winter Warmth Clothing Drive in support of the St. Vincent de Paul Society
  • Christmas Bake Sales and Candy Grams in support of Catholic Social Services (Sign of Hope Campaign)
  • Free the Children Campaigns:
    • Selling Raffiki Chains for women in Kenya
    • Purchasing Goats for villages in India
    • Attendance at the Annual We Day in Calgary!
  • Mentorship to Edmonton Catholic Schools students enrolled at the Terwillegar Recreation Centre 100 Voices Program
  • Anti-Bullying Poster Campaigns and "Pink Day" activities
  • Annual (Post Easter) Recover the Food Bank Food Drive

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