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April 6th, 2020

Dear Parents and Students, Our first week back demonstrated our commitment to one another as a school community. We are all learning together… administrators, teachers, students, parents, support staff and custodial staff.   We are all working together in the best interest of our students. Here are some of the highlights from last week. All teachers were working in their grade level teams to teach and assign work for their students in an online format. We are focussing on the best learning resources for all students. This is the new reality and I compliment our entire staff for reaching out and working collaboratively to be there for all of our students.   We thank you our parents for your support and understanding of all we do here at Monsignor Fee Otterson School. I also want to compliment our students who are working hard and touching base with their teachers, and one another through Google classroom. Thank you to our support staff who are an essential service and who are working with our teachers and children in our school community who require additional support.   I want to thank our custodial staff for their commitment to cleaning our school to our highest standard based on our current situation. As an Admin team, I am grateful for the support and commitment we share to place our students first… Every Child, Every Day, No Exceptions.               As we enter our second week, I continue to ask for your support and understanding as we refine our skills in an online, instructional environment.   I see the many hours the teachers are putting in to find the best resources and provide instruction and learning at its highest level in this new reality. Thank you to our Edmonton Catholic School Division for their continuous support and leadership in keeping Catholic education at the centre of all we do. We are blessed!  In closing, let’s keep our OTTER SPIRIT strong and continue to work together to be the very best we can be for one another and for our students who are at the centre of all that we do… Every Child, Every Day…No Exceptions. We ask God to bless each and everyone of us, to keep us healthy and safe and to reach out to others who may need our support.   Principal Mrs. Whelan & Staff

March 31st, 2020

Chrome book pickup is today before 3 pm. Please call the office to prearrange a pickup time. Following today it will only be Friday from 9 a.m. – 12 noon. This is only for students who don’t have access to online learning.
Please stay healthy and safe. We miss you all!

March 30th, 2020

Dear Families,

During this very challenging time we remain true to the legacy of Monsignor Fee Otterson who taught us, “Love is central to all we do for one another.” Our staff remains committed to our students and families and please know that we are here for each and every one of them…Every Child, Every Day, No Exceptions. Currently, our staff is in the process of looking at new instructional delivery models for online learning. Teachers have exceptional expertise and support from one another and are directly connected to the Edmonton Catholic School Division where resources and online learning strategies are posted. Our goal is to ensure that we will have the best on line programs in place for all students in Kindergarten to grade 9. We ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this new reality. We know you will have many questions and we will keep you up to date as we receive new information from our division and the province. It is important to note that instruction and learning will look different for each grade level team. We will begin at different times this week. Please be aware our teachers were encouraged not to work during spring break. They were asked to spend time looking after their own families and to rest as we all tried to make sense of this new reality. Teachers will be communicating with you this week either by email, Powerschool or Google classroom. Please remind your children who are currently using Google classroom to stay connected. Please note the following: If you do not have a Powerschool login, please contact our office staff. If you do not have access to online learning, we are in the process of ensuring all students have a device. Please contact us at MFO through email or by phone if your child does not have access to a device. Our goal will be to loan out Chrome Books to those who need it beginning Tuesday, March 31st 9:00 – 3:00 p.m. In addition, if you have not picked up your child’s belongings in the gym, prior to Spring Break, please contact the school if you plan to pick them up this week. Thank you for your many good wishes and words of support during this difficult time. Please remember we miss you and our children, and together we will work in the best interest of every student. Monsignor Fee Otterson is fully operational beginning today. The majority of staff will be working from home but there will always be an administrator present at the school as well as staff who have chosen to work on site. Let’s remember one step at a time and together we will get there.

Dear God, Bless each and everyone of us as we sail into uncharted waters. Take care of our families, their loved ones and our staff. We are forever grateful for the gifts we have been given and ask you to bless us as we journey. Take care of those who are anxious and bless us in days ahead. Monsignor Fee Otterson continue to bless us and look out for us as we unite in a spirit of being together. Amen

 ~Fee Otterson Staff

"In all of this, it’s important that we never lose hope. Jesus Christ is the reason for our hope, and that has not changed. That never will change. With his grace, we will get through this, just as we have survived other challenges." -- Archbishop Richard Smith, March 2020

March 20th, 2020

Dear Parents, It is hard to believe that we are beginning our Spring Break this afternoon. Our community has been amazingly supportive, and we have appreciated so much the steady flow of parents to pick up the belongings we had placed in plastic bags. Our goal was to make it as easy for you as we could and to keep at the forefront, the respect for “Social Distancing.” Anything not picked up will remain in the gym until after Spring Break. The majority of parents were able to come in and we will open our doors for any final pick up on Monday, March 30th (8:30 – 3:00). Please take the time to enjoy your family and know how very much we miss our students. Give them a hug or a pat on the back from their teachers. We will be back in touch directly following Spring Break. Take good care of you and your family and know how much we value and care for you. We will get through this together by supporting one another and praying for each other.    God Bless, The Otterson Team

March 19th, 2020

Dear Parents, Thank you so much for honoring the system we have put in place for pick up of personal belongings. It continues to be running very smoothly and the process does respect the need for ‘Social Distancing.’ As a school community, we have pulled together to support one another, and I truly believe we are blessed to be part of the “OTTER Family.” Parents please know that you will be receiving communication from your child’s teacher, directly following Spring Break.    Dear Students, We miss you so much! We miss seeing you when you arrive, we miss seeing you in the classroom and we miss saying goodbye at the end of the day. Your teachers are working hard to get everything ready for you and will communicate to you after Spring Break. In the meantime, I know you are all spending special time with your family and trying to find the good things that are happening during this very unusual time. Don’t forget to do a gratitude and a daily journal that we can all share together when you return.  Otterson is lonely without you! We pray that you continue to take good care of one another. Whenever we all come back and celebrate together, it will be a magical time. Remember that love is central to all we do. God bless you in the days ahead.  And remember…Once an Otter, always an Otter.

March 18th, 2020

Dear Parents, Our system of placing our children’s belongings in individual bags in the gym has gone very smoothly. Thank you to our professional staff, teachers, EA’s, TA’s, custodial staff, in fact everyone of us, who worked together to arrange for a safe pickup of personal belongings. If there is anything missing, we will try to remedy after Spring Break. Thank you parents for your words of appreciation. Some parents are worried about online learning after Spring Break but be assured, learning will be taking place in many different formats. We will post some suggestions on our website but here are a few to get you started: Start a personal or family journal on gratitude. We need to focus on the good things during this challenging time. Students keep a daily journal capturing the memories during this time away from school. Include special family times which might include board games, cooking or going for a walk outside. Read some new books or even revisit old ones read before, but loved. Start a “Learning Log” which captures your own special projects on any topic you choose to explain. Remember learning doesn’t just happen in a place called “School” but learning can happen anywhere even in your own back yard. Otterson Staff

 March 17th, 2020

Dear Parents, It’s been a busy day for us here at Otterson. We have placed all bags in the gym as outlined in our SWIFT message this morning. Based on parent questions to us during the day, we would like to add the following information: • All children who have epi pens or other forms of medical support have had these resources placed in their bag. • Lost and found boxes will be placed outside the school doors for parents who may wish to search for lost items. • The pick-up begins tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18th; Thursday, March 19th; or Friday, March 20th. Please respect the time slot designated, as outlined in our message this morning to ensure we are doing our part to control the number of people in the school. Monsignor Fee Otterson Admin and Staff

Dear Parents, Please know how much we miss being away from our students. We miss greeting them every day when they arrive in the morning and saying goodbye at the end of the day. They are such a big part of our life here at Otterson. Every Child, Every Day, No Exceptions. This week, our professional staff is planning for alternative ways of providing programing at each grade level, ensuring success for all learners. This will begin directly after Spring Break. It is important for us to set our priorities as teachers for our students, knowing that many of them are anxious and not always understanding what is happening right now. We want to be able to support you as a family and we encourage you to spend extra time with one another in the next three and a half days and into our Spring Break. Our priority over the next three days is not homework. Our priority is on how we will deliver our curriculum after Spring Break. Our goal is to design an exceptional learning process as we work with one another and our division consultants in the days ahead. Enjoy, as much as you can, this week and the following week with your family. Family is a gift we are all celebrating during this difficult time. Picking up Resources-Update: Resources are to be picked up by parents. Students are not to come into the school as directed in an earlier message. The administration has come up with the following process regarding your child(s) belongings. We ask that you come to the school on the day that is listed below according to your Last Name, First Name order. These are the designated days and times parents have access to their child's belongings. All belongings have been placed in the gymnasium by grade, and alphabetical order (Last name first). Wednesday AM (8:00 AM - 11:30 AM) Last Name Beginning with: M,A,B,D,Y Wednesday PM (12:00 PM-3:00 PM) Last Name Beginning with: U,C,F,G,I,Q Thursday AM (8:00 AM-11:30 PM) Last Name Beginning with: V,E,H,K,L,N Thursday PM (12:00 PM-3:00 PM) Last Name Beginning with: Z,J,O,P,T Friday AM (8:00 AM-11:30 AM) Last Name Beginning With: R,S,W In addition, if your child has any instruments, books or any other school materials that need to be returned, please ensure they are labeled and drop them off in the gymnasium at the back tables. Thank you so much for your understanding and support as we work together in the best interest of the safety of all families. Monsignor Fee Otterson administration and staff.

MFO School Closure Update - March 16th, 2020

Dear Parents; These are unusual times for all of us and here at Monsignor Fee Otterson our professional staff is planning how we will deliver learning to your children in the weeks ahead. There are a few reminders: 1) Today the school is not open to pick up resources. 2) We will let you know what day you will be able to pick up any resources your child may need.When available, only parents may enter the school. Pick up times will be staggered to ensure we are supporting social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 3) We will keep our website updated 4) Visit for timely updates.

COVID-19 Division Info -March 15th, 2020

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