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MY Way Magazine, summer edition

My Way Magazine

MYPASS   (available for students to check on exam results, transcripts, etc.



Registration Guide 201920  




What is the Tutor Registry? - University of Alberta ... What is the Tutor Registry? The Tutor Registry is an online resource for students and tutors alike. Students who are looking for extra support with their university and high school courses are invited to search the registry and individuals who are looking to advertise their tutoring services are invited to join the SU Tutors program. How Do I Search the Registry?


Students can print from personally owned devices to school printers. 

  1. Log in to Google Docs using your school email address and password. From a PC or Mac it is best if you use a Chrome Browser. From smartphones and tablets you will need to have the app downloaded.
    1. PC, Mac, or Chromebook. With your document open in Google Docs, select the printer dialog box. At the top of the dialog box it will say "Showing Destinations for". Once you choose your district email account you will see school printers.
    2. Smartphone or tablet. Open the Google Docs app. Make sure you are logged in with your district email. Open the document to print. Find Share and Export. Choose Google Cloud Print.