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Rainbow Ravens



 LIFE GROUP (Lived Inclusion for Everyone)

Blessed Oscar Romero High School was one of the first Pride Life groups in the Edmonton Catholic School Districts.  We are called  The Rainbow Ravens. Among other diversity and justice issues, this group is engaged in activities which support students belonging to sexual minorities. In particular, students  provide leadership and receive support to continue to build inclusive communities, aligned with our Catholic social teachings.


In order to promote inclusion and a safe and caring environment, the group may:


  1. Provide leadership in building safe, caring and inclusive environments— where everyone belongs.
  2. Promote social justice through education and awareness about diversity.
  3. Promote inclusion to effect positive social change, aligned with Catholic social teachings.
  4. Engage in counselling and peer support, understanding that students belonging to sexual minorities are an "at risk" group that deserve special care and attention. The level of support will vary depending on individual needs.


This student group  include a member of the staff as facilitator (Mr. David Vetsch), have clear guidelines for students, include a structure for safety and confidentiality, and focus on advocacy and support.


It is the responsibility of parents to discuss with their child the purpose and nature of the club, whether their child wishes to become a member, and their child's obligation to both refrain from bullying behavior and contribute to a safe learning school environment that respects diversity.


This student group is an integral part of our District's Commitment to Inclusive Communities in Edmonton Catholic Schools Administrative Policy and Regulation 138 and is guided by our Lived Inclusion For Everyone (LIFE) Framework. You can find these at         .


If you wish further information, please contact Mr. David Vetsch


The Rainbow Ravens have weekly meetings every Monday at lunch in Room 112.  Mrs. Murphy, Ms. Llanos and Mr. Profiri have all offered to assist the students this year.