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Our School

A Community School- Small School... Big Advantage​

  • A primary goal of the school is to provide a broad survey of courses for all the students in a Christian and rich learning community
  • Student feedback
  • core academic and options
  • fine arts
  • athletics and recreation
  • CTS (traditional and computer-based)
  • iLearn laptop learning

Appealing to All Learners

  • Importance of dedicated, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic staff
  • Appreciating diversity among learners (living up to the strong role model provided by our namesake)- differentiated instruction
  • Teaching students to learn and to collaborate (student-centered programming)
  • Promoting collaboration & community

Building Community​

  • Focusing on the students and their needs lets them know that they’re reason we’re there
  • Faculty Advisor Program
  • Chaplaincy Program
  • Social Justice
  • Student Leadership Team

The School Building

  • Wireless campus
  • Designing for Community & Collaboration
  • Central Gathering Space
  • Library (a place for students to meet, work on projects, research, or just read magazines)
  • Gymnasium and Fitness Center
  • Fine Arts- a stage onto the central gathering area, dedicated drama and music rooms
  • CTS programs, foods, computers, wood, metal
  • Dedicated Science Labs
  • Teacher Preparation and Collaboration
  • Small Group Learning Rooms
  • Student Services
  • Student Union/Leadership Team (stage)

Student Population​

  • A School Designed for 754
  • Grades 10-12
  • Feeder School & catchment area (H.E. Beriault and Sister Annatta Brockmann)
  • 87th Ave. on the north; 149 St. and the river on the east; North Saskatchewan River (south); City Boundary (west)

Alternative course delivery Options:

Modular courses and Revelation Online​

  • A partner school with Life Long Learning
  • Optional paper modular courses allow students to work at their own pace with full support of classroom teachers
  • Optional Online Courses- further choice and flexibility for learners
  • Opportunities for Teachers to Learn New Technology and Learning Strategies
  • Assisting Technology Integration

Technology at Romero​

  • Technology as a tool for learners vs. an end in itself
  • 2 computer labs, plus a double lab in the library
  • A computer in every student collaboration room and classroom
  • Wireless support for student laptops​