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Catholic Faith


In the spirit of Blessed Oscar Romero,

we walk in the light of Christ,

called to provide a learning community, rooted in

faith, dignity, justice, honesty and integrity.

Blessed Oscar Romero School Prayer


Lord, God, Creator of All,

Give me eyes to see injustice,

Ears to hear the poor,

Wisdom to know compassion,

And the courage to bring about change.



Our Philosophy

Below are two quotes from Archbishop Oscar Romero that we strive to accomplish every day.

"We plant the seed that one day will grow" (Oscar Romero)

"We want to be a voice for those who have no voice" (Oscar Romero)

Social Justice was the main stay of what Archbishop Oscar Romero stood for. Romero High School will strive to build a learning community that focuses on social justice issues and human relationships.