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School Information

"Let us grow together into Christ" is the motto Archbishop Joseph MacNeil himself picked when he became a bishop. We believe this motto reflects our school environment with the message we live by.

Junior High         

AJM is a Catholic elementary/junior high school southwest Edmonton, Alberta.  Our school opened in September, 2003 and has experienced tremendous growth since then. Currently, we have six hundred and fifteen students in Kindergarten to Grade 9.

Our motto, “Let us grow together into Christ” reflects the mood and tone of the students, parents, and the staff of our school. AJM students continue to excel in academics, athletics, the arts, and their spiritual growth.

We hope that our website will inform you and help you to learn more about our school community.

AJM Mission Statement

It is the mission of Archbishop Joseph MacNeil School to:
  • Create a Christ-inspired learning community
  • Honour gifts and talents
  • Develop our spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical selves
  • Encourage responsible citizens
  • Vision Statement

We, at Archbishop Joseph MacNeil, envision:

  • Exemplary teacher practice
  • Effective parental partnerships
  • Collaborative learning community
  • Safe and caring environment
  • Shared leadership
  • Accountability and responsibility
  • A conscious sharing of the good news within Catholic tradition

Key Features

  • Elementary and junior high with a school family environment
  • Full complement of music, band, visual arts and sports programs
  • Inclusive environment
  • Junior High Foods and Fashions and Career and Technology Studies  New Window Browser labs


  • Learning Coaches co-ordinate testing and review of Special Needs Students' programming
  • Portable classroom sets of laptops
  • FM Sound Systems in each classroom
  • On site and District Tech support
  • Interactive SmartBoards in classes to support learning
  • Fully automated library
  • Supportive, active School Advisory Council
  • ESHIP New Window Browser (Edmonton Student Health Initiative Partnership) speech and language services
  • Liaison with St.Thomas More Parish
  • Active Parent Volunteers

Our Namesake

Archbishop Joseph MacNeil was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia on April 15, 1924. He was ordained a priest on May 23, 1948 and worked several parishes in Antigonish Diocese for seven years. He studied Canon law in Rome from 1955 - 1958 and continued to work as the executive vice president and director of extension department of St. Francis Xavier University until 1969.

Father Joseph MacNeil was ordained bishop on June 24, 1969 and worked in Saint John, New Brunswick until he was appointed Archbishop of Edmonton in July 1973. He remained in that role until his retirement twenty-six years later.
He is a great spokesperson for the Catholic community. He believed that the Church had a credible message for society and did not hesitate to speak to government officials, the business world, academics and other community leaders. These people sought out his wisdom and his views were always well received because he was articulate, patient, respectful and honest.
Under his leadership the archdiocese was structured to meet the needs of the day through various councils and commissions: social justice, parish renewal, RCIA, council of women religious, Sign of Hope, Archdiocesan pastoral council, sexual abuse committee, Canada's first urban Aboriginal parish, Catholic school committee, archdiocesan synods and the Alberta Catholic Health Corporation.
Archbishop Joseph MacNeil is an exemplary role model for students and for all who desire to be authentic followers of Christ.