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Registering for Kindergarten

Open House for Kindergarten Invitation Letter

Kindergarten Student Requirements   -  Half Day Program (a.m. or p.m.)

Our office can make photocopies of:

  • Baptismal Certificate of student (parent or guardian for Catholic families only)
  • Birth Certificate or Landed Immigrant Status if born outside Canada

Please see all school information including hours, fees, staff and supply lists on our school website here: Please note that there will be future updates as we get closer to summer.

Please inquire at the office if your child is eligible for yellow bus transportation.


You are your child’s first and most important teacher. When your child begins Kindergarten, you and the teacher form a partnership to support learning at home and at school. In Kindergarten, the values and beliefs of the home are acknowledged, and the cultural diversity of families is recognized.

Entering Kindergarten is an exciting time for your child. Moving from the home environment to the school environment is a big step. Because this transition can be stressful for both you and your child, the teacher typically provides orientations to help everyone feel at ease. Your child will then become acquainted with other children and with classroom activities and materials. Gradually, your child will gain a sense of belonging because they know the routines and school layout. Group Staggered Entry Dates will be provided to you in a letter that will be sent home. You will be asked to select one small group meeting time

Young children are naturally curious and eager to learn. Learning is enhanced by interaction and cooperation with others, including adults and children. Through interactions, organized activities and purposeful play in the Kindergarten program, your child will explore and experiment with their environment to add to their knowledge, learn new skills and practise familiar ones.

The Kindergarten Program Statement   provides more information about Kindergarten in Alberta.

The following resource is also helpful:


Our Kindergarten Program

Learning through play is children’s way of discovering and learning about their environment. Young children are naturally curious about their environment while exploring it in a hands on manner.

Our experiences and activities during classroom time are rooted in early literacy, early numeracy, citizenship and identity, environment and community awareness, personal and social responsibility, physical skills and well-being, creative expression and Catholic education. In conjunction with the curriculum, Kindergarten is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach. We access this approach when reflecting on project building, documentation, viewing the classroom environment as the third teacher, planning and the atelier. Provocations are used to provoke children’s thinking and interest in a topic.

From this interest stems a potential of a project which could last weeks or month; allowing the children to be completely engage and immersed.

In class, the children are able to explore any material or experience that is of interest to them. During free choice play, the children may choose where their interest lies. Daily, the children have access to the following exploring areas: sand, water, blocks, books, games, art and creative materials, literacy, writing, math and science experiences.

Whole group experiences include dancing, singing, reading, role playing, and fine/ gross motor activities.

Once a week, the students have the opportunity to visit and take out books at the school library and use the school computer lab. Technology is also a large component in our class, with access to IPads and computers right in our classroom; children are able to engage in developmentally appropriate experiences.

School Supplies Checklist

Supply lists with specifics will be forthcoming near the end of June on our school website.

School Fees

The fees will be determined later this year and will be advertised on our school website.