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A new voice for Catholic Education

By emphasizing values alongside academic rigor, Edmonton Catholic Schools epitomizes a vital society with a moral conscience. The District commits to excellence in education and builds community centered in Christ's teachings thus providing students with the best education possible. The District's commitment is founded on a fundamental belief in the worth and benefits of Catholic education--for students and for humanity.   

The time has come to give this valuable institution a hand. With Catholic schools facing more challenges than ever before, the Edmonton Catholic Schools Foundation was formed to preserve, to protect and to strengthen Catholic education by raising public awareness of its importance and by enhancing community financial support. 

A new voice is needed: A Voice that is sustainable and dynamic, and allows the District to depend on long-term affirmation. 

The good news is that such a voice represents a tremendous opportunity to reinvigorate support of Catholic education in Edmonton and make it stronger than ever. The Foundation exists to raise funds with integrity through all available channels while assuring sound f​inancial management and prudent investment practices.  The distribution of funds will be guided by the following Goals of the Foundation: 

Enhanced Catholic Identity 
Support expenditures identified by Edmonton Catholic Schools that help to sustain and support the Catholic message in ways that  resonate with students, educators, parents, the church, and the community. 

Community of Service 
Fund requests made by principals on behalf of children and/or families who "fall between the cracks". 

Foster relationships between the Foundation and its many publics by serving as a bridge to increased understanding on behalf of Catholic education and Friends of the Foundation. 

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Schools Offering French Immersion Programs

The uniqueness of Edmonton Catholic Schools' French Immersion Program lies in its longstanding commitment to and tradition of promoting Canada's official languages through a variety of program settings.

French Immersion is designed for students who have the desire to learn French. Students may register in kindergarten or grade one. At the Elementary level, the language of instruction for all subjects except Religion is French, and students also have regular English Language Arts classes beginning in Grade 2, usually after the first report card. At the Junior and Senior High level, students receive between 40% and 80% of their instruction in French, depending on the program selected. Particular attention is given to developing an appreciation of the French culture by offering annual cultural events and/or entertainment. Thirteen schools currently offer French Immersion programs.

Our French Immersion program provides children with a wealth of experiences and advantages within the classroom walls and beyond. The program follows the regular Alberta Education curriculum in French with the addition of a regular English Language Arts Program. The program targets students with non French-speaking parents, while enriching and complementing a child's first language. It also enhances a student's academic growth and encourages new ways of thinking.

Learning a second language also teaches students about other cultures and broadens their perception of their own culture. In Canada, knowing both official languages opens doors to exciting career opportunities.

French Immersion Benefits

  • Allows students to compete internationally
  • Dramatically increases job opportunities 
  • Enriched cultural experiences    
  • Provides more choices for advanced education
  • Strengthens literacy skills

What if French is not Spoken at Home?

The French Immersion program is specifically designed for non-native speakers, while enriching and complementing a child's first language. The program was built on the foundation of giving English speaking students the opportunity to become bilingual. First and foremost, the best thing parents can do to help support their child’s learning is to read to their children in their native language.


Vocabulary, syntax and other reading related skills are transferable skills across languages!


While students may receive homework, all assignments are setup with the understanding that there aren’t the same supports available at home as there are in the classroom and are specifically tailored with that in mind. Any at home exercises are started in class with a teacher available to guide them through. Homework clubs can also be available at lunch our or recess to also help support students that might need a little extra help.


Supports for Parents

Because the program is specifically designed for non-native speakers, parents of students in French immersion are not alone – they have the support and help of all the families in the school!


Many of our schools also work closely with Canadian Parents for French, a non-profit organization that helps support parents of children in French Immersion. This can include monthly meet-ups at local restaurants or coffee shops or web-related activities and resources.


Furthermore, Edmonton Catholic’s French Immersion schools offer a number of opportunities for parents to get involved in their children’s education within the school.


School councils, for example, are very involved in supporting the children in the school. They can offer a variety of resources including parent engagement evenings, which may identify specific subjects that many parents are struggling with.


There are also several opportunities to volunteer throughout the school and get involved in the culture.  Volunteering for Carnavale, for example, is a great way to immerse yourself in the French culture!


Web-based supports may also be available through virtual classroom, so parents can access their children’s textbooks, view videos, and other online resources might be available and are all trackable for the student’s teachers.

Schools Offering Program

Kindergarten to Grade 6

Bishop Savaryn Catholic Elementary School
Our Lady of the Prairies Catholic Elementary School
Father Leo Green Catholic Elementary School
Frère Antoine Catholic Elementary School
Grandin Catholic Elementary School
Monsignor William Irwin Catholic Elementary School
St. Stanislaus Catholic Elementary School
St. Angela Catholic Elementary School

Kindergarten to Grade 9
Holy Cross Catholic Elementary/Junior High School
St. John XXIII Catholic Elementary/Junior High School

Kindergarten to Grade 12
J.H. Picard Catholic Elementary/Junior High/High School

Grades 7-9
St. Cecilia Catholic Junior High School

Grades 10 to 12
Archbishop Macdonald Catholic High School