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Alert:  COVID-19 - Classes cancelled indefinitely for all students in Alberta

The Government of Alberta has cancelled all classes from kindergarten-to-Grade-12 in the province. More information can be found in the link be... View full details

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RT @Pontifex: If you find it hard to pray, don’t give up. Be still; make space for God to come in; let Him look at you, and He will fill yo…

RT @YourAlberta: During #COVID19, you can help save a life. The need for blood donors remains strong, and it is safe to donate during COVI…

RT @Jenallee1: ⚡️Ts, are you needing to set up a link for parents or Ss to join a @MicrosoftTeams meeting? 💻 ⚡️#Jenallee has a @wakelet th…

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In order to prepare our students to live in and contribute to a changing world and engage in active faith-filled, lifelong learning; St. John Bosco School provides an interactive and collaborative inquiry based learning environment that promotes higher level critical thinking utilizing real-world tools.

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