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Welcome to the 15th Anniversary year of St. John Bosco Catholic Elementary School. In celebration, we have constructed a 15th anniversary logo to commemorate this special year. 

In 2003, St. John Bosco School opened its doors to families from throughout the communities of Mayliewan, McLeod Park, Cherry Grove, Schnosee and Crystallina Nera. Since its opening in 2003, St. John Bosco School staff has worked towards establishing high standards of academics, personal growth and discipline. Led by the Holy Spirit, collaboratively with our students, their parents, our parish and the greater community we continue to provide our students the tools necessary to experience success on spiritual, academic, emotional, social and physical levels.

We, at St. John Bosco School celebrate and recognize the importance of continued growth and learning in not only our students, but also that of our staff and parent community so that we are able to best serve our students. To that end, it is our intention to foster, grow and develop a close working relationship with our parents and the greater community. Research indicates that parents who are involved in their child’s academic life contribute greatly to their child’s progress in school.  It is also well-known that a school staff who works collaboratively and engages in regular staff professional development towards a common vision and mission succeeds in reaching hearts, opening minds and building skills in children so that they become ethical, engaged and contributing members of their local and global communities. We celebrate, give praise and thanks to God for the many blessings and the deep roots that our Catholic faith provides us on our journey of growth and learning.

From its inauguration, the St. John Bosco School logo has been a clear visual representation of what our school community believes in.  The cross reflects our Catholic faith and our Christ-centeredness which celebrates Christ as our model.  The people comprised of a priest, students, parent, and teacher illustrates our belief in celebrating and embracing multiple perspectives. >span > speaks to our school’s philosophy of living our core values to ensure that our students are surrounded with an environment that is focused on learning, service and respect for one another. 

Inspired by scripture taken from Micah 6:8, “Act Justly, Love Tenderly, Walk Humbly with Your God”, our theme this year is Walking Together in God’s Love”.  We celebrate this year’s theme with the book, The Twelve Gifts of Birth.  In this book, the author, Charlene Costanzo, speaks of the many gifts one is given at birth. With that in mind, we will encourage our students and one another to consider how it is that we use our God-given gifts in service to others by posing the question, “What footprints will you leave as you share your God-given gifts of birth?”

Throughout the school year, students will be invited to revisit this theme using the storybook, while also being encouraged to work towards developing those gifts already deep within themselves as they learn about several different virtues throughout the year.  Student growth, personal gifts and virtues will be at the heart of the introduction of our student ‘Terrific Kids with GIFTS’ Program.  This school-wide program will focus on virtues and gifts that will be highlighted and recognized each term with the help of the Kiwanis Club of South Edmonton.  In the words of Pope Francis, “The important thing is that each believer discerns his or her own path, that they bring out the very best of themselves, the most personal gifts that God has placed in their hearts.

We are confident that this year will be filled with special memories and excitement as we celebrate our school’s 15th Anniversary and invite you to be a part of the memories and trust that the school year will be productive and rewarding for students, staff and parents.

Ms. A. Esposito-Brady                       Mr. E. Hirniak                            Ms. S. Ferretti
Principal                                            Assistant Principal                     Acting Assistant Principal