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Back to School Plan for the 2021-2022 School Year


Last Updated: September 16, 2021

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve in the Edmonton region, Edmonton Catholic Schools remains committed to the ongoing evaluation of our Back to School Plan in the interests of student and staff safety.  

On September 15, the Government of Alberta has issued a state of public health emergency and has introduced new measures to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. As a result, we have updated our Back to School Plan. Alberta Education has authorized school divisions to implement health and safety measures that address their local context. Although there have been some changes due to the state of public health emergency, our original plan already addressed many of the new provincial measures.

We are updating our Back to School Plan with the following guidance:

  • No assemblies,
  • School Council and parent-teacher meetings will now be online.

Our schools will provide notification when families self-report an AHS-confirmed case of COVID-19 to their school.  Last year, when a case of COVID-19 affecting a student or staff member was confirmed by Alberta Health Services (AHS), AHS then notified the Division, allowing us to put the appropriate steps to protect our students and staff. This year, AHS will not be notifying school divisions or close contacts about individual cases. Additionally, AHS no longer requires close contacts to quarantine. This means, unlike last year, your child will not have to isolate if another student in their class tests positive. Isolation for anyone with COVID-19 symptoms and confirmed positive cases is still required. 

If your child has tested positive for COVID-19, we encourage you to let your school administration know. When our schools are made aware of a confirmed case of COVID-19 by a parent or guardian, we will share that information with the school community while keeping personal details confidential. We will likely not be aware of every COVID-19 case in our schools since self-reporting is voluntary.

AHS will continue to investigate outbreaks in schools. AHS defines an outbreak as an absentee rate greater than 10% due to respiratory illness or influenza. Should an outbreak be identified in your child’s school, AHS will send additional information to the school community.

Masks are required in schools at all times for all students and staff from Kindergarten to Grade 12. A mask can be removed when a student is eating or drinking and participating in physical activity.

To view and download our Back to School Plan for the 2021-2022 school year, click here.


Our Back to School Plan is designed to support our schools in reducing the risk of transmission of illness and maintaining safe and healthy environments for our students and staff. Some procedures we introduced in our schools last year will continue because we know they are good practices in minimizing the transmission of respiratory infections, including COVID-19, influenza, and common colds.

 As outlined in the Back to School Plan, we will continue with the following protocols:

  • Self-screening by students and staff for symptoms using the Daily Screening Questionnaire or the Alberta Health Daily Checklist.
  • A focus on hand hygiene, including increased handwashing and availability of hand sanitizer in locations throughout the school where soap and water may not be available
  • Mask use
  • Enhanced cleaning
  • HVAC systems will be maintained in accordance with manufacturer operational guidelines
  • Supporting Alberta Health to host vaccination clinics in schools

  Alberta Government Guidance for the 2021-2022 school year (released on Friday, August 13)

 We are committed to reviewing our Back to School plan on an ongoing basis, and particularly in response to any updated direction from the Government of Alberta.


To view and download our Back to School Plan for the 2021-2022 school year, click here.

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