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November 2022 Newsletter

In every age, peace is both a gift from on high and the fruit of a shared commitment. Indeed, we can speak of an “architecture” of peace, to which different institutions of society contribute, and an “art” of peace that directly involves each one of us. All can work together to build a more peaceful world, starting from the hearts of individuals and relationships in the family, then within society and with the environment, and all the way up to relationships between peoples and nations.

The Solemnity of All Saints (pdf)
November 2022 Newsletter (pdf)

November is a month which has so many events that draw our eyes to the concept of peace. We only need turn on the television today, or look at social media, and we see that there is much turmoil around us. Whether we are marking solemn memorials of Remembrance Day or Holodomor or looking at current events, we are called to examine how we can be agents of peace. The quote from Pope Francis’ message provides a good framework for our reflection this month. We can ask ourselves how we are building peace within ourselves, our relationships, society, and with Creation. Peace does not just happen in these domains; it requires intentionality and commitment. 

We are so pleased to have a break for all schools this November. Our learning from the pilot last year was that families and staff alike benefited from having the opportunity for a bit of a longer break to rest and rejuvenate. This year, the break runs from November 11-15 inclusive, with classes resuming on the 16th. I hope you all enjoy this time. 

Our Division held a Community of School Councils meeting on October 24 to gather feedback as we prepare to establish priorities for the 2023-26 planning cycle. Special thanks to all the parents, guardians, and principals who joined us to share their perspectives. 

November 6th marks Catholic Education Sunday this year. It is a good time for us all to reflect on the gift of publicly funded Catholic education that we enjoy in the province of Alberta. The Catholic Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories have issued a letter to mark the day. I will leave you with a thought from our shepherds: “As citizens in one of only three provinces and two territories with publicly funded Catholic education, we need to recognize the blessing, responsibility, and opportunity we have been afforded to lead our young people to Jesus Christ and form them in the faith of his Church. Within an increasingly secularistic society, parents are seeking a genuine Catholic education for their children. They entrust them to the educators, trustees, clergy and Catholic community, in the expectation that all will collaborate effectively to ensure that our young people encounter the love of God revealed in Christ. Let us all joyfully accept this challenge!” 

Have a blessed November! 

Yours in Christ, 

Robert Martin, Chief Superintendent 

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