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French Immersion Language Arts & Literature

This year, K-3 students will be piloting the new French Immersion Language Arts and Literature program at eight schools:

  • St. Stanislaus
  • St. John XXIII
  • Bishop Savaryn
  • Holy Child
  • Holy Cross
  • Monsignor William Irwin
  • Father Leo Green
  • Frère Antoine

The K-3 FILAL program has the following organizing ideas:

  • Oral Communication: Listening and speaking skills promote language development, positive relationships, and collaboration
  • Phonological Awareness: The ability to discern and manipulate the sounds of oral language supports vocabulary, reading, and writing
  • Phonics: Understanding the relationships between phonemes and letters fosters the development of oral language, reading, and writing
  • Vocabulary:  Understanding the meaning and formation of words facilitates oral communication, reading, and writing
  • Reading Comprehension: Understanding of ideas, perspectives, and cultures in texts is supported through the application of reading strategies and processes
  • Text Production:  Text production and creativity allow for the sharing of ideas and information in a variety of contexts
  • Grammar: The understanding and application of grammar promotes effective understanding and expression of ideas when speaking and writing
  • Reading Fluency: Developing reading fluency promotes oral and written comprehension and expression

French Immersion Language Arts & Literature Subject Overview


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