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August/September 2022 Newsletter

Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16)

Feast of Our Lord’s Transfiguration:  “Beauty and the Beast”

Welcome Back to what promises to be a brilliant school year! Our theme for the year, Let Your Light Shine Forth, flows from a passage in the gospel of Matthew: “Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven (Mt 5:16).”   This theme speaks to the very essence of Catholic education.  Our goal as a faith-based learning community is for every member, be they staff or student, to unfold their uniqueness as part of God’s Creation, and to glorify Him by using their gifts and talents to build each other up and to live well.  Humbly letting our light shine forth to show the wonder of the blessings that we have received is one of the greatest gratitudes that we can offer. 

We are so excited to be opening Joan Carr Catholic Elementary/Junior High School this year. This vibrant new school community will serve the families of southwest Edmonton and is grounded in our former Superintendent’s legacy of Catholic educational excellence.  

The much-anticipated Ben Calf Robe/St. Clare Catholic Elementary/Junior High School replacement facility will open its doors to serve our Indigenous community this fall as well.  The design is such that it provides a beautiful integration of culture in the learning environment and will create exceptional opportunities for students, families, and staff.

All of our administrative staff have now moved into our new Lumen Christi Catholic Education Centre, located at 9405 50 Street.   By consolidating our administrative services into one facility, we will be able to save significant funds each year which will allow us to redirect dollars to schools.  We will also be able to further enhance a culture of interdepartmental collaboration to make our service delivery more effective and efficient.

We are entering our third and final year of our current Division Plan for Continuous Growth, which has four priorities: Growing in Faith, Student Success, An Excellent Place to Work and Learn, and Building our Future Together. Each school will carry out intentional work in all four priorities.  Visit your school’s website to learn more about their plans to continually grow in providing an outstanding Catholic education for your children.

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, was in our city over the summer as a significant part of his historic penitential pilgrimage to Canada to apologize to our Indigenous community for the role of the Catholic Church in the residential school system.  In the many significant messages that he shared, he gave a commentary on what education should be: “Education must always start from respect and the promotion of talents already present in individuals. It is not, nor can it ever be, something pre-packaged and imposed. For education is an adventure, in which we explore and discover together the mystery of life. “ (Address of His Holiness Meeting with Indigenous Peoples and Members of the Parish Community of Sacred Heart)

Have a spectacular 2022-23 school year!

Yours in Christ,

Robert Martin, Chief Superintendent

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