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New Bus Pass Scanner System

For the 2022-2023 school year, Edmonton Catholic Schools is improving student safety on our yellow school buses with a new bus pass and scanner system. 

How to use the School Bus Pass Scanner

All students riding a regular school bus are issued a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) bus pass, which students use to scan when entering and exiting the school bus. No personal information is stored on the bus pass itself as the card cannot hold any data. Each bus pass has a unique ID number on the back of the card. The Bus pass ID number is transmitted to a secure database when the student scans their bus pass in front of the scanner near the bus entrance. The time, date, and location of each scan are logged and transmitted to a secure database only accessible by ECSD Transportation.

The process is quick and easy and allows our transportation staff to identify whether a student is on the bus, missed the bus, or got off at the wrong stop. 

WATCH BELOW: School bus scanner requires riders to scan on and off the bus every time they ride.

It is important for students always carry their bus passes and scan on and off every time they enter and exit the bus. Your child will receive one bus pass that will be used for the entire school year, replacing the monthly pass. 

RFID bus passes are not applicable to Kindergarten Noon Hour and Curb Services Routes.


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