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New Curriculum


Edmonton Catholic Schools has a strong history of fostering deep learning experiences for all our students with foundations of literacy, numeracy, and universal design for learning. Over the years, our Division Plan for Continuous Growth has consistently set goals of high levels of understanding, skills and competencies for subject areas and grade levels to prepare students with the tools they need for their success. Curricula may change, yet good teaching and learning remain paramount.

We are prepared for the upcoming changes to the elementary curriculum which will be implemented in the following subjects and grades:

  • Physical Education and Wellness (K–6)
  • English Language Arts and Literature (K–3)
  • Mathematics (K–3)

The foundations of this important work began with our involvement with curriculum redesign and prototyping from 2013-2016. In 2020, we strengthened our pedagogical practices with our understanding and application of Ministerial Order #28/2020 on Student Learning and became familiar with the Guiding Framework for the Design and Development of K–12 Provincial Curriculum.  In 2022, we are extending this work as we collaborate with our teachers, creating supports, and resources to assist them in this new implementation.

Our classrooms remain spaces of faith-based learning that deeply engage all staff and students with technological innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and authentic learning experiences.

Language is a uniquely structured system that forms the basis for thinking, communicating, and learning.

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Mathematics is a universal language relying on a shared understanding of symbols and procedures to communicate ideas efficiently.

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Physical education and wellness promotes the development of the whole individual and aims to nurture students in their pursuit of a healthy and active life.

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