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Low Incidence Team


Our Low Incidence Team (LIT) empowers and equips the ECSD community to create accessible & meaningful learning environments to ensure students with low incidence disabilities are successful alongside their peers.

We provide services and supports for students with diverse and complex learning needs. Assistive technology (AT) and augmentative and alternate communication (AAC) provides access to the curriculum, inclusive learning and leisure opportunities. 

We support students & children with significant disabilities to:

  • Participate in ALL daily routines with as much independence as possible
  • Play
  • Learn & demonstrate understanding
  • Communicate

Low Incidence students are those students with significant disabilities including students who exhibit a combination of exceptionalities that include one or more of:

  • Blind/Low Vision
  • Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing
  • Deaf-Blind
  • Significant Developmental Delay
  • Significant Physical and/or Multiple Disabilities
  • Complex Communication Needs including students’ whose primary diagnosis is ASD and present as minimally or non-verbal.

AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) is a set of tools and strategies that an individual uses to solve everyday communicative challenges.

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Myths about AAC are revealed!

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AAC Goes to School is a learning opportunity for all students with complex communication needs and their families & caregivers. We will provide online access to literacy and age-appropriate, multilevel, blended curriculum activities.

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Learn about the Do's and Don'ts of AAC as well as some great community resources.

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The AAC Modules provide an introduction to AAC.

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