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Negotiating Household Internet Rules

With younger kids, it makes sense to set out rules and expectations that you expect them to follow. 

Here are some examples of rules that might make sense in your household:

  • I will not visit any websites that my parents would not approve ofAs kids get older, they are more likely to follow rules if they’ve been involved in creating them. Rules are also likely to change as they want more privacy. When renegotiating rules, revisit old rules and encourage your child to suggest things they think they should definitely NOT do online. Though it is best if most of the rules come from them, you can prompt them to think of things they have not considered.
  • I will not share my passwords with anyone (except a trusted adult) 
  • I will not be mean to anyone online, even if someone is mean to me first 
  • If I get mad or frustrated while online, I will let myself cool down before I say or do anything I will regret
  • I will not share anything online that belongs to someone else without their permission 

ØI will never share personal information about myself online and will ask my parents for permission before I create any online accounts

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