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Chief Superintendent's Message - October 2021

God is good, all the time.
All the time, God is good.

Rose Prince, Residential School Survivor and Future Saint.pdf

A few years ago at our Father Michael “Catfish” Mireau Youth Faith Day, the presenter introduced our young people to the greeting and response above. The premise is simple. When someone says to you “ God is good, all the time,” your response is a confirmation that, “All the time, God is good.” I found this to be a very powerful and uplifting statement of faith that has stayed with me. At its heart, this couplet is an expression of gratitude for the amazing presence of God in our lives at all times. Whether I share the exchange with others or I say it to myself, I know that I have so much to be grateful for because of the abundant love of our God! 

Every year, we ask our parents, students, and staff, for their opinions on many aspects of our schools and Division. This is important because you help us to know what your experiences are so that we can provide an even better Catholic education for your children. You will notice that you are being sent requests to participate in more surveys and/or focus groups moving forward. Please take the time to fill surveys out and consider lending your voice to focus groups. The voices of our parents and guardians are so important in our commitment to continuous growth. 

The Edmonton municipal election takes place on October 18. Although there is no class for students, our staff will be participating in our annual Faith Development Day. Growing together in faith is at the heart of our Division, and our staff will take the important opportunity to engage in liturgy and learning. If you haven’t already had the opportunity, please take a few minutes and watch the video ECSD Staff Social Justice Project to take a look at how our staff began the 2021-22 school year through acts of service to the community. 

As we continue to ponder our theme for the year, God Calls Us Each By Name, I share this thought from our Holy Father: “(The) Lord looks at each of us personally and asks: ‘Who am I – in fact – for you?’ This question, addressed to each of us, calls for more than a quick answer straight out of the catechism; it requires a vital, personal response.”(Pope Francis, 09/12/21)  

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, filled with gratitude for the abundance that our gracious God has shared with us! 

Robert Martin
Chief Superintendent

Superintendent's Message - October 2021


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