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Apply for Transportation

2022-2023 Transportation Forms

Are you unable to pay your fees?

We understand that family finances are sometimes really stretched and families may be unable to pay transportation fees for a period of time. Yellow school bus fees may be waived partially or completely in the case of financial hardship at the discretion of the Principal. Families may either meet with the Principal or submit the request for full or partial waiving of fees in writing to the Principal to express the circumstances of their need or to arrange for an alternate payment schedule.

Administrative Procedure 560: Edmonton Catholic Schools shall arrange transportation for students who are entitled to transportation under the Education Act. A student entitled to transportation under the Education Act is a student who resides 2.4 kilometres or more from the school to which the Division has directed the student. The Division is deemed to have complied with the Education Act when transportation is provided on a route that is not more than 2.4 kilometres from the residence of the student. 

For ETS bus passes, the City of Edmonton’s Ride Transit Program provides monthly ETS passes to eligible riders at a subsidized rate. Click here to learn more.

How will I be notified if I am not eligible for transportation? 

Your school shall contact you. Questions regarding eligibility for transportation can be answered by the school or by calling Transportation Services at 780 441-6078 or email

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