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Paths to Graduation


High School Completion

Finishing high school is an important step for young people to create a positive future for themselves, their families and their communities. Alberta's future prosperity rests on our ability to generate a well-educated workforce that is responsive to change. Among the key priorities of our province's education system is to ensure all of our students are successful – both in school and in life.

But did you know that a person with a high school education will earn more, have better health and stronger personal relationships than someone who does not complete high school? (Alberta Education)

There are three pathways to complete High School: Alberta High School Diploma, Certificate of High School Achievement or Certificate of High School Completion.

High School Diploma

A student in the high school diploma pathway will enroll in -1, -2 or -3 classes and must earn 100 credits in order to graduate from high school in Alberta. Parents and students should discuss high school requirements with a school counselor. The Diploma Credit Checklist is an easy way to determine how many credits a student has and how many they still need for a High School Diploma.

Certificate of High School Achievement

The Certificate of High School Achievement is awarded to students who complete the -4 (Knowledge and Employability courses) pathway earning 80 credits. Knowledge and Employability courses are for students in Grades 7 to 12 who demonstrate reading, writing, mathematical and/or other levels of achievement two to three grade levels below their age-appropriate grade. Students may combine -4 courses with other senior high school courses or transition in and out of -4 courses throughout their high school years.

Certificate of High School Completion

The Certificate of High School Completion in special education can be awarded to a student with significant cognitive delays who meet the qualification criteria. To receive the certificate, a student must be nominated by the principal/assistant principal of his or her school. Please visit our WIN Programming Page for more information.

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